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Hair Colouring

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Hair ColouringCome and discover the newest colour range by L'Oreal. Inoa is a permanent hair colour that can darken, lighten or cover your White hair.

All without ammonia!

It uses a truly innovative technology rich in oil, that leaves your hair better protected, radiant and incredibly smooth.

Whether you want a full colour change, highlights, to cover your white hair or simply update your look, you can trust us to give you the advice you'll need.

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Hair Coloring

Transform your style with colour!

Colour can enhance and reinvigorate your style. We believe colour should be unique for each person. It is essential to take into consideration skin tone, hair texture, lifestyle and desired result when creating colour.

During a consultation we are able to discuss numerous options with you, whether you're after something subtle and chic, or bold and vibrant, as inspired by the latest fashion and trends.

Hair Colouring

Using innovative techniques and the latest colour ranges we are able to create a truly individual colour service for each client.

Maintaining your colour is recommended, and we are on hand to offer professional advice on the best way to care for your colour at home.


Hair Treatments

Profiber £15

The Pro Fiber long-lasting haircare programme starts in-salon with an exclusive one-on-one consultation with our expert hairstylists. They will analyse the hair, checking its thickness and elasticity. Your hairstylist will ask about your current haircare routine and how you like your hair to look when finished. This will help them assess if external factors might cause hair damage, the best course of action to care for your hair and get it back to looking and feeling healthy. Results, your hair will look soft, freshly-cut and intensively shiny. The treatment is carried out in salon, homecare advice will be given thereafter on which Profiber products will best suit your hair.

Serioxyl £12

Do you want denser looking hair? Do you struggle to achieve the thicker feel that you want?

No matter what the cause, having thin hair can be frustrating. Using our new ingredient Stemoxydine, the Serioxyl densifying haircare programme can give you visibly thicker and fuller looking hair in an instant. Starting with an in-salon consultation with your L’Oréal Professionnel hairdresser, your individually tailored service is the first step to unleashing your hair’s true potential. It helps improve the look of the hair fibre density and is ideal for use on fine hair.

Results, your hair will feel thicker and healthier.


SMARTBOND is the latest in haircare technology, a unique system that protects and strengthens the hair during all colouring services (such as highlights and tints).

SMARTBOND has a hero ingredient, Maelic Acid, which protects strong bonds and restores weak bonds inside the hair fibre. It prevents breakage, protects the hair from damage and maintains the integrity of the fibre.

This is great for dull and faded hair that deserves an intensive shot of brilliance. SMARTBOND gently cleanes unwanted tones and lifts out excess colour. Results show a natural gloss and glow restored. We recommend SMARTBOND for every client with colour treated hair.

Homecare consultations are available in request.

Colour Menu

Using traditional foils colour is woven throughout the hair for a blended result. This method is perfect for lightening hair. It adds volume & depth to fine hair & texture to short styles.

At the end of the day, the highlight job that is ideal for you all depends the look you want to create. We highly recommend you sit down with a stylist prior to your first visit to consider ideal options for your hair.

Full head highlights are what we typically recommend to first-time visitors because they go throughout the whole head. These highlights are most commonly used for light blonde hair styles, though a very light colour is sometimes used in dark blonde, brown or red hair colours. Once the whole head is coloured, our clients sometimes choose a partial or t-section highlight for touch ups to areas of the scalp that are revealed with a part or hair style so the hair growth does not show.

Half head highlights are great for brunettes and darker blondes who want to lighten the top part of their hair in a natural way. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you might notice that the top portion lightens, while the underneath part does not. This is the same appearance given when partial highlights are applied. A half head of highlights will give your hair a sun-kissed appearance when down, but reveal a darker underneath portion when pulled back into a ponytail.

T-section highlights are for those who just want to brighten the hair around the face. Typically, a t-section is done based on where you commonly part your hair and highlights about ¼ of the head. This face-framing highlight job is great for holding off a full highlight for a couple more weeks or simply brightening an overall hair style.

This highly skilled technique allows your colourist to paint colour freehand where it will flatter you the most, highlighting your best features. The result is a beautifully bespoke colour. A favourite with blondes, but it’s equally gorgeous for adding richness to brunettes & interest to short cuts.

The word ombre comes from the French word “shadow”. Ombre is the actual style. It is the transition of a lighter shade from a darker shade. Generally, Ombre works best on brunettes because it is the least subtle of all the techniques. Ombre is great for the more daring girl, it is definitely more noticeable and typically more maintenance. Ombre is kind of like colour blocking, there are no dark pieces left on the bottom to help keep it natural, just a nice transition between the colours.

This colour treatment maintains your colours beauty, removing brassiness from blondes, adding vibrancy back into reds & richness to brunettes.

Colour is applied all over the head to cover every strand of hair, root to tip. It’s a permanent tint so it won’t wash out and will cover 100% of white hair. You can choose an Ammonia Free INOA colour, which is gentle on the hair and scalp and gives a luminous finish. Choose a vibrant colour change, stay natural, go lighter or darker.

Glossy by name & by nature, this colour acts like a deep conditioner with colour enhancing qualities. It gives a burst of shine whilst enhancing your natural colour, blending away first greys & washes out in 8-10 weeks.

Is a maintenance service to freshen and disguise your roots, available in various colours.
When regrowth happens, and roots and greys start to appear, hair can appear tired, lacklustre and unkempt, and so we recommend regular touch ups for your hair colouring.

To maintain your hair colour we would normally recommend that you visit every 4-6 weeks, however one of our stylists will be able to give you more advice on this depending on your colour and hair.