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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

Racoon hair extensions have been scientifically tested to prove that the extensions do not damage your natural hair. We recommend that the advise given by us, during your consolation, be strictly adhered to.

Are they expensive?

No, because the hair can be used again and again. It is also not essential to necessarily have extensions throughout the whole head, they can be placed where you need them, thus keeping costs down. This can be discussed during the consultation.

Are extensions just for celebrities?

Certainly not! Once applied the extensions will blend with your own hair and become virtually invisible. You can opt for full-on glam or something more subtle. It is also a great way to experiment with colour.

How long will the extensions last?

Providing that the maintenance and aftercare have been adhered to, extensions should last between 3 - 6 months.

Racoon guarantees that all hair is ethically sourced and of the finest quality European hair.

Hair Extensions

Racoon Hair ExtensionsTransform your appearance and maximise your style with the finest quality hair extensions.

Why choose Racoon Hair Extensions:

  • To add length
  • To add thickness and volume
  • To add natural movement and soft waves through your hair To add colour
  • Because they are the only hair extensions to have been tested
    and approved by a consultant Trichologist

At Thomas Swaine we apply the extensions using the kindest method for the hair, which results in no damage.

Hair Extensions - Raynes ParkHair Extensions - Raynes park

For further information regarding hair extensions or to book a consultation, please Contact Us